What We Do

Jesse & Amber have over 15 years of combined experience successfully establishing, running, coaching, and scaling agile teams. We love to find new, innovative practices (e.g. self-selection, innovation kickboxes, lean scaled agile release planning, etc), then hone them in the real world to make them practical, fun tools for establishing and running happy, high-performing teams.  Right now, we’re really excited about self-selection and how it can set agile teams up for success. Contact us to learn more about self-selection and the other services we offer, including:

    • Self-selection Consulting
      We do everything from answering your questions to running your event. We can even help you figure out the best way to convince your organization to try it.
    • Agile Process Consulting & Brainstorming
      We work with you to understand your unique environment and provide advice that spans multiple agile methodologies (scrum, kanban, lean start-up, SAFe, etc) to tailor a plan that works for your organization.
    • Hack-a-thon Coordination
      We’re experienced Hack-a-thon coordinators with a focus on driving long-term innovation value. We can help you develop an event that will produce valuable ideas and improve team happiness.
    • Innovation Kickboxes
      Jumpstart innovation with a kickbox. We customize & build kickboxes for your organization!