Self-Selection at Business Agility 2017

Self-Selection - Business Agility

Last week, Jesse and I gave a TED-like talk about self-selection for a sold-out audience of 320 people at the Business Agility 2017 conference in New York City. This was Business Agility’s first year and it had an interesting set of talks, many of which were given by Senior Agile or Business Consultants describing the frameworks they’ve used to transform organizations for almost two decades. Our talk, of course, is a little different. It’s a specific how-to and case study on self-selection, given, for this conference, in a bite-sized 15 minutes. We want to congratulate Evan Leybourn, Business Transformation Leader & Author, for chairing the event, a herculean effort by any standard.

What’s Next?

One of the most exciting things for us was how many people reached out, excited about our presentation and wanting to talk about how they could run self-selection at their company or with clients. We’re spending this week following up with all those agilists and seeing how we can help them turn that excitement into action. If you’re interested in running a self-selection event of your own, contact us at We can speak with your teams, help plan the event, provide materials, and/or facilitate the event.

Slides & Video

You can check-out the Business Agility 2017 Slides here. We’ll post the video soon, but in the meantime, consider listening to the Agile Amped Podcast Interview I gave at the conference!

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